I reviewed hypertext projects by James, Crystal, and Jasmyne!

  1. James – https://hypertextproject.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/animals-by-pink-floyd-1977/#comment-16
  2. Crystal – https://crystaltubbs.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/hypertext-rough-draft/#comment-39
  3. Jasmyne – https://jasmyneford.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/engl-hypertext-project-draft-4/#comment-51

It looks like a lot of my classmates went the ground-up route, and that just makes me happier that I chose an existing site to bring my creative vision to life!  Ground up coding is hard to do and has limited return at this point in modernity.   There are so many free templates and pre-built sites that the skill just isn’t as useful as it was once, but I definitely agree that it’s good to know so that you can troubleshoot errors within your existing sites (like I do all the time).

I didn’t find anything to revise in my own site based on my classmates’ drafts, but I did make some revisions based on my own plans for the site that hadn’t come across in my first draft.  Amanda commented on my draft, and made a few comments about things that were already in the works, so it looks like I was on the right track mostly.  Amanda also mentioned that she would have liked navigation in the header, which I agree would be better for a professional looking site.  Because this is for a project and not something I intend to really put out there, I decided to leave it within the wedding site template that I have.  This weekend I’m going to spend some time looking into possible ways to block the header or to relocate the page code, but it looks like it might just end up staying there for convenience, since the point of the project is the linking between chapters rather than using a menu to navigate them.