blog post 2, finalize website development software selection; discuss your previous experience with any/all website designing, developing, and editing software and how/why you are interested in learning about the one you selected as well as how/where you are going to access the software during this project.

I’ve decided I’m going to use WordPress for this project.  I have an existing site on the WordPress platform,, that I intend to build from.  It currently redirects from to for my wedding blog, but I’ll be using some other path within the site for this project and making pages instead of blog posts.

My experience with web designing is far from expert level, but I’ve definitely built a site or two in my day.  I prefer to stick to purchased templates which I then alter for my own use, because I probably couldn’t build all the tables and such from the ground up.  I’m experienced with html, but know almost nothing about CSS, so I probably won’t do much of that kind of tinkering for this project because it’d take away from the appearance of the finished product.  I’ve had some experience with WordPress in the past, but I haven’t done a creative project like this before, just personal and professional blogs and sites.  I haven’t used music widgets yet, so tracking a good one down and ripping the audio tracks for my soundtrack will be a new experience.

I’ll be using the visual editor mainly, but I’m sure I’ll be troubleshooting in the html tab pretty often.  WordPress likes to screw with alignment and things like that, so the visual editor can’t be trusted.