blog post 1, finalize topic selection along with detailed discussion of the project’s purpose and audience; brainstorm tone & style ideas; brainstorm image ideas

For this project, I’ve decided to use the same book that I advertised in the video project, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.  I’m going to be transcribing chapters of the book into probably around 8 pages of the site, with one chapter per page.  The chapters are already categorized into titles like Cities and Light, Cities and Eyes, Cities and Death, and Cities and Love, so I’ll be using some common factor in the chapter type to link the pages to each other.

In addition to transcribing the chapter text from the book, I intend to add a musical element as well.  I want to choose a background track for each chapter and add it as a little widget at the top or bottom of each page so that users can play the music while they read the chapters.  I’ll choose music that I think corresponds well to the tone of each chapter, so I think I’ll probably be choosing mostly Radiohead songs as my musical score since I’ve always associated the band with the book for some reason.

The purpose of the project will be to provide an interesting and interactive experience for users, and will be mainly for entertainment and enlightenment purposes.  I want to share the book (obviously) and I think the experience is enhanced by the addition of a soundtrack.

The audience could really be anyone who enjoys music and reading, but if I had to decide, I’d probably narrow it down to people who seek out other-worldly and transcendental experiences via music and books.  I suppose this would include users of several recreational drugs as well, but that’s just par for the course when you consider the tone of the books and music.  The main audience would probably be people just looking to expand their interactive internet horizons.