blog post 2: production schedule (what/where/how you will get find, shoot, and produce everything for the project). Include: date, what you are doing, where you are doing it, requirements (materials, permission, etc.).

The video project should be finished this week, I think. It will be composed of a series of still images, with pan and zoom effects to imitate an aerial camera exploring the cities that I’ve chosen.  It’ll be done from my fiance’s computer (it’s better than mine) at home, and all I require is a good Mongolian background track and some creative commons material for images.

I’ve already sourced a whole list of images that I’m considering, and I’ve decided on 4 really beautiful pictures of cities or just unique elements of cities, but I have a whole list more that I can add.  I won’t be shooting anything original for the project (because I don’t have a helicopter or a high def enough camera) but I did make an animation in AfterEffects for the title page, which will be the last frame of the video. I’m using Windows Movie Maker for the still images, and AfterEffects to get the animation for the title page.  I found a tutorial online for the AfterEffects crumble effect that I wanted, since I’m not super familiar with the tool.