• blog post 1, finalize book selection along with detailed discussion of the specific audience; brainstorm tone & style ideas; brainstorm image ideas

Book: I’ve decided that the book I’ll use for my video project is Invisible Cities (originally Le Città Invisibili) by Italo Calvino.  It’s a novel written from the perspective of explorer Marco Polo as he describes his travels to the emperor Kublai Khan.  Each chapter of the book describes a different city that Polo has encountered, and the descriptions are vivid and enchanting.

Tone: The cities are divided into categories like “Cities and Love,” “Cities and Eyes,” and “Cities and The Dead,” and evoke a real feeling of experience of the cities rather than just a list of their attributes.  It’s poetic and mesmerizing, and that’s the tone I want to evoke with the video.  My goal video would be similar to existing documentaries about the cosmos (kinda like my Image Project), with an ethereal and otherworldly tone.

Audience: The audience for this video is a little hard to pin down for me.  I suppose it would be for lovers of literature, travelers, or philosophers.  It’s meant to be a poetic exploration of fantastical cities (ones that might exist), so anyone who enjoys abstract art and fantasy novels might be a good target, but it would also appeal to world travelers who want to appreciate the beauty of cultural and architectural difference.

Image Ideas:   I’d love to find some zooming clips of aerial views of cities, but that would probably be difficult to track down without copyright permissions.  I’ll probably use interesting images of urban environments, set alongside quotes from the cities they’re meant to represent.  The underground cities might involve tunnel images, the aerial cities might involve clouds, and the labyrinthine cities might involve some Escher-like images.  Because the book’s content is so varied, there are a lot of options here.