blog post 1, provide list of Creative Commons licensed-to-remix images with description of what/why/how they will be useful for your project

Photo 1 – Nebula

Source: creambillz Flickr – Eta Carina nebula

Found 1/23/12 – Original taken 04/12/2010

Will be useful because: The nebula represents the beginnings of a universe, and is just a really pretty natural formation of the stars that illustrates the beauty of science.

Photo 2 – Star Explosion

Source:  NASA Goddard Photo and Video Flickr – NASA Telescopes Join Forces To Observe Unprecedented Explosion

Found 1/23/12 – Original taken 04/6/2011

Will be useful because:  The explosion of a star is part of the original Krauss quote, so this image illustrates the catalyst that leads to life.

Photo 3 – Andromeda Galaxy

Source:  NASA Goddard Photo and Video Flickr – Best-ever Ultraviolet Portrait of Andromeda Galaxy

Found: 1/23/12 – Original taken 09/16/09

Will be useful because:  This galaxy is like an extension of the previous two photos, and again, illustrates the beauty of the universe without the help of religion or a creator.  The universe creates itself and it’s pretty amazing.

Photo 4 – Eukaryote

Source: sprklg Flickr – Untitled

Found: 1/23/12 – Original taken 11/23/11

Will be useful because: The eukaryote is an example of an early form of life, a carbon-based organism that came from the stardust referenced in the quotes and previous images.

Photo 5 – Sprout

Source: Pink Sherbet Photography – Free Early Spring Green Daffodil Sprout Creative Commons

Found 1/23/12 – Original taken 04/19/22

Will be useful because: This plant sprout illustrates a more advanced form of life that grew from the death of the stars in the previous photos.

Photo 6 – Sunset Tree

Source: Heverton Woss – Tree Red

Found 1/23/12 – Original taken 02/21/07

Will be useful because: It’s a tree (a form of carbon based life that came from a star) in front of a sunset (a star that may one day explode and create other life elsewhere), juxtaposing the origin of life with an example of how it currently exists on Earth.